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Our Spa area has been designed with a view to complete relaxation. It is an area to de-stress your mind and body from the hustle and bustle of regular daily life. This is an experience not to be hurried, so allow plenty of time to relax in between a session in the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi spa.

We have created a laid-back, friendly Spa area for the enjoyment of our overnight guests.

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Our sauna was manufactured by Tylo, one of the leading sauna makers in the world. It can accommodate six people comfortably.

The built-in Fibre Optic Lighting offers a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. It also has (optional) gentle background music too.




Steam Room

Nudist Steam Room


Our Steam Room is also manufacturerd by Tylo.

It has four individual seats and is equipped with a Tylo Fresh Fragrance Dispenser, which releases a pleasant scent silently and automatically.

The Steam Room provides a similar function to the sauna, but where the sauna is a dry heat, this is a more gentle humid heat. The end result is the same in that it relaxes the body and opens the pores.

Jacuzzi Spa

Senior Couple relaxing in the hottub jacuzzi spahot tub

The jacuzzi spa has to be the most relaxing of all. Surely the most wonderful way to un-wind is soaking in the hot tub with a glass of wine. We are not advocating excessive alcohol, as it is not generally a good idea to mix the two, but a small glass or two at the end of the spa session is just the perfect way to finish the day.

The jacuzzi has four seats and one recliner.




Naturist sauna in London

In Britain, Sauna and Steam enterprises have tended to fall into two different camps. There are the hotel style spas and the smaller High Street Spas, the latter often have a slightly unsavoury appearance and also a dubious reputation. We have found the hotel style spas to be very well appointed but lacking in personality and usually very unwilling to allow the facilities to be used as they should be, without swimming costumes.

On the other hand there are numerous spas or thermen as they are often known in Europe, that work on the opposing view. Costumes are strictly forbidden for hygiene reasons. Naturist SaunaIn much of Europe, specially Germany and Holland it is frowned upon if you enter a sauna with clothes on. In Austria, it is actually illegal to operate a sauna and allow clothing. However, many of the hotels are starting to break the law by allowing costume sessions to pander to the British and American markets.

We have travelled to many of the European Spas and Thermen and much prefer their open attitude to sauna etiquette. You will regularly find complete families, including parents, teenagers and grandparents, using the sauna at the same time without any embarrassment whatsoever.

So we are operating our facilities under the same system. We believe that there is a market for Britains' and others who have used saunas in Europe, to demand this in London too.

Our spa is open to all, irrespective of age, gender, race or body shape. The spa area is only suitable for a maximum of eight or so people at a time, so numbers are limited. We do try to operate a system where there is an equal mix of male and female.

It is probably easier to say who it will not appeal to. woman naked in sauna

Obviously the first hurdle is nudity in the facilities. If, like many British people you have a fear of being naked, or other people being nude, and you really cannot overcome it, then it probably isn't for you.

If you think that our facilities would be suitable for any kind of sexual experience then this is also noCouple in jacuzzi hot tubt for you. You will be very disappointed and you are definitely not welcome.

The spa area should be an area for relaxation, so mobile phones, cameras, computer games etc are not permitted. If you cannot live without these things for a few hours, it is not for you.



To allow for complete relaxation, we do not normally allow children under 16 in our establishment. However we may have special family breaks when children are accepted, but they should not be in the spa area unattended at any time. Please check with us if a family bookings can be made available.

There are certain rules of behaviour that make the experience comfortable and relaxing, not just for yourself, but also for the other users.

    The Spa should be experienced in a quiet, un-hurried atmosphere, where consideration is shown to others. Some people like conversation, but others may be napping in between sessions.
    Mobile phones, laptops, cameras and computer games etc are not allowed in the spa area.
    It is imperative to begin with a shower, and also to shower between utilities.
    A towel MUST be used to sit or lay on in the sauna. It should be large enough to cover all the bench. No part of the skin should touch the wood.
    woman naked in saunaRelaxing nude in sauna Do not stay in the sauna, steam room or jacuzzi for too long. If you are new to the experience, please exercise caution.
    In the sauna, air humidity is regulated by adding small doses of water into the container at the back of the stones. Water should not be applied directly, as excessive amounts can damage the heating elements.
    Heavy meals and excessive amounts of alcohol should be avoided before sauna, steam or jacuzzi . Afterwards you will need a refreshing drink and possibly a snack.
    In the sauna wear just your birthday suit - and a relaxed, peaceful expression. We follow the Northern European practice of naturism in not allowing clothing in the facilities. Swimsuits restrict the benefitting effects of the sauna and they become uncomfortable when sweating. In addition, they trap the toxins etc that are produced. A shower in your costume will not remove them, so the build up contaminates the other utilities, particularly the jacuzzi. Nakedness becomes natural, and you will be surprised how quickly you adapt.
    Sauna bathing in moderation suits everyone. Those with severe health problems should nevertheless consult a doctor before trying it.

“Saunominen uimapuku päällä on kuin jalkojen peseminen sukat päällä.”
Which means, "Taking a sauna with a swim suit on is like washing your feet with your socks on."